Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII already is flawed.

As you know I was excited for Final Fantasy XIII, but now thing have changed. After reading some reviews on the Japanese version and reading the Wikipedia page on the game I found out that under the beautiful graphic, well written story and the traditional style combat the game features no towns and very few NPCs. What does this mean you may ask? It means that the game is all story pretty much, which isn't a bad thing but it thins out the game. I wont be able to see how badly this effects the game until I get it on release but it may ruin the experience that Final Fantasy usually gives you.

When I review the game I will try to put in some heavy duty game time before reviewing it. I hope the game isn't going to be stage 2 of 4 steps to the death of the franchise but we'll see on March 9.

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