Monday, February 1, 2010

Retro Review : Tales Of Symphonia

Today's Retro Review is on a game that belongs to a world famous JRPG series that first made it's PAL debut with this title. Tales Of Symphonia like every other entry in the series has replayability up the wazoo.

Tales Of Symphonia has a great story which has a couple of event's that can change when doing certain tasks and is enjoyable from start to finish. The story revolves around 2 worlds syphoning mana from each other in order to preserve themselves and the cast of characters first start out trying to preserve their world, then work to stop the process from ever needing to be done for either world by merging them. The game plays like all the other entries in the Tales Of series and is similar to Star Ocean's battle system. The games battles can feel slow if your playing the PAL version but it's not hard to get into or master, which is good for newcomers. The game is long and has ocean depth to the game, so true JRPG fans will play this for a long time. The games 2 worlds to traverse between have a lot of sidequests and towns so completing the game also will take a very long time. The game is an all round great JRPG that will keep you occupied for a very long time... unlike the sequel Tales Of Symphonia:Dawn Of The New World.

Tales Of JRPGs are high quality JRPGs on the same level of perfection as Final Fantasy's before the Square-Enix merger and if they ever re-release all the ones never released in PAL or English then get them. You'll regret missing any Tales Of games if your a true JRPG fan.

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