Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mistwalkers new masterpiece has a name... The Last Story

Oh my god I'm am so happy right now. As you know I love the traditional JRPGs and when I saw today that Mistwalker has finally revealed it's new game it was working on I nearly peed myself with excitement. No detail have been announced outside of the name of the game which is call 'The Last Story' and on the wikipedia page for the game it says the text is similar to that of Final Fantasy. I hope that The Last Story is going to be Mistwalker's Final Fantasy because they need a game series to rival it and ultimately take over it's popularity when Final Fantasy dies with either XIV or XV since Square-Enix doesn't seem to want to make traditional JRPGs anymore. Around March this year more information will be released on the game and you be your bottom dollar I'm gonna be driven crazy with anticipation over it.

Mistwalker may have only made a couple of games but each one is pure gold and if you've never heard or played any of Mistwalkers games here's the list of them,

ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat

Released only in Japan and is a Tactical RPG.

Blue Dragon

Released worldwide and is a traditional JRPG and is awesome!

Blue Dragon Plus

Released worldwide and is a Tactical RPG.

Lost Odyssey

Released worldwide and is the best traditional JRPG ever! A must play by anyone who likes JRPGs.

Away Shuffle Dungeon

Released everywhere except Australia (Never knew of this game until a few minutes ago) and is a Action RPG.

Blue Dragon : Awakened Shadow

Released in Japan only at the moment but will get released in America and Europe sometime this year.

Mistwalkers new game for the Wii will hopefully be popular since it is on a console everyone owns and when it comes out I will have a review for it.

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