Monday, February 15, 2010

Retro Review : Legend Of Zelda:Link's Awakening

Ok now we're swiming in the old school waters. Is anyone old enough to remember this? Ok now if you ever played this game you know that this game belonged to the 8-bit LCD portable Nintendo console with a green screen and black pixels that required light to see the game you were playing and only had volume and light dials that ran on 4 AA batteries. Warp you 18 and under kids minds yet? Ok on with the Retro Review of a classic Zelda title.

Legend of Zelda:Link's Awakening is like every other Zelda game... sorta. The story of this game is Link's journey at sea get interrupted after a storm destroys his ship and sees him on an island with a giant egg on a mountain which house's the sleeping Windfish and Link is now on a quest to wake the Windfish, so yeah no Zelda rescue in this game. The game is a top down Zelda game if you didn't work that out already and the controls are streamline for the 2 button console. If you've ever played Link to the Past or Minish cap then you'll fell at home with this, but chances are you played this if your in your 20s or older. The game's difficulty isn't that tough compared to other classic games but it does get you confused with some puzzles. The best thing with this game is that it's extremely familiar to other Zelda titles... because this follows the formula of A Link To The Past and every other Zelda follows this formula as well.

Legend Of Zelda:Link's Awakening is a good classic that young people will probably never play and isn't exactly a must have Zelda, but for the time it was released it was a great game to have while you were on a train.

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