Monday, February 15, 2010

Rant 17 : I need a new PC and a good PC costs too much!

Ok the PC I use is 4 or 5 years old and can't play any new PC games, even when it was new it couldn't play any of the new PC games of the time. I decided to do some research on parts and I tried the customise PC thing on Dell and to get a decent gaming PC is over AU$7,000 and the maxed out one with all the parts I want is over AU$13,000! Why are gaming PCs so damn expensive?! They're made of cheap metal and plastic and always cost more then double they're worth! Now I have tried saving for a PC before but the prices keep getting higher for a high end PC an I don't want to settle for a AU$4000 rig like last time, I regret that decision and it's impossible to upgrade any further and that one has been my mothers for 3 years now. God why is it sooo expensive for computers these days? I wish I had one because my game reviews are limited to console games and PC versions of games are better for me to review because of less glitching. I'm sure a lot of you guys hate the costs of PCs as well and probably have older PCs or have a new PC worth less then AU$2000. I even priced the cost of building it myself and that is just under AU$9500! I hate how we all need PCs and they price them out of our reach!

Since everything gets done with computers these days you think PCs would be a lot cheaper but it seems it will never happen... they wonder why PC gaming was dying and why the iPhone is so successful.

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