Monday, February 22, 2010

Retro Review : Lunar 2:Eternal Blue Complete (import)

Oh my god I got sooooooo lucky! I got this on eBay on Friday after buying it on Wednesday and now I have to review this for the Retro Review! I've been playing this to stave off the anxiety from waiting for Final Fantasy XIII and I may even put that aside to replay this game. I've been trying to get this game for years and here's the Retro Review on my new game, Lunar 2:Eternal Blue Complete.

First off, you know I loved the original Lunar:Silver Star Story Complete and this one is great, but not as good as the first. Also an update for those who have played Lunar:Silver Star Story Complete. The PSP version Lunar:Silver Star Harmony has an all new voice cast and the opening has new lyrics. I loved the original version, but I don't like the new versions lyrics. Enough of The Silver Star Story on to the Retro Review.

The story or Lunar 2 is great, but doesn't have the same impact as the first game. The story is about a boy name Hiro who after seeing a mysterious light from the Blue Spire go's with his grandpa to check it out and they find a girl named Lucia, who is from the Blue Star and needs to find Althena so they can stop the evil Zophar from recovering his power and destroying the world. Hiro decides to help her because she's hot and he's also a nice guy. On their way out of the Blue Spire, Lucia gets cursed by Zophar and they get chased around by the Althena Guards White Knight Leo, who was told by Althena that Lucia is the Destroyer and has to be stopped. After recovering thanks to help from Ronfar their new companion they continue their journey with their new friends Jean and Lemina, and a whole bunch of enemies out to stop them... One of them becomes a friend after finding out the truth... guess who? Trust me the story is better witnessed first hand then being told. The game is a traditional JRPG and uses the same battle system as the previous game, which is turn-based combat and has the Auto Battle option like the first one for those who can't bother putting in the commands themselves. Graphics are 2d if you even care about graphics, unlike me. When it comes to graphics I don't care, as long as the story and gameplay are good I'm happy. Controls are simple but you can't customise them. I swear to god every game should have customisable controls! I mean come on, not every likes the way a game control scheme is made and the option to customise it makes it better for people used to certain controls for certain types of games.

The game is a great JRPG and since it is an import game, good like finding a copy for yourself. It's got a great story, familiar battle system and is fun for fans of JRPGs and especially fans of Lunar:Silver Star Story. The game is 16 years old and is a classic that needs to be re released to all regions. I hope to finish the game very soon. I just got to disc 2 after 17 hours of play and I'm enjoying every minute of it. I wish every JRPG fan could play this but I'm sure you'll find a way if you really want to play it.

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