Friday, February 19, 2010

Rant 18 : WTF? Whats so good about Twitter and Facebook? They aren't even used properly!

First off why does everyone seem to have Twitter? Micro blogging is stupid! Seriously why do this? It's the same as this and you can use even more characters and follow people, so why go to twatter?(it's deliberately spelt that way, pronounced tw-at-ter.) Also why have Twitter and a Blog? I've seen a few Blog Spot user with Twitter on there pages... that really stupid. I mean come on! Do you need 2 blogs on the one page? What's worse is that all these "tweets" are either completely stupid things like "my dinner got cold :(" or "I'm watching the new and I'm bored v.v" and other stupid little updates like that. Is that the true reason why Twitter was recreated? To allow idiots to tell us how long they were on the toilet? Sure I'm almost no better with my ranting but come on! Tweet something interesting like some words of wisdom or serious news, not what colour you dyed your hair! Twitter should be used for stuff like press info or updates on a project or telling people your sin spawn aka child is OK after you give birth or other important stuff. You should use Twitter for event's in your life that matter not something stupid like "I downloaded the music soundtrack to Avatar!!!1!1." or something so stupid. Twitter has sooo much potential, like the Internet itself. The Internet is an infinite resource of information and most people use it to watch videos of nut shots and hot bimbo's beings nonsensical. UGH! Facebook on the other hand has other problems, the biggest is that it's ironic... a social networking site where nobody networks! Everyone seems to just play the games on Facebook and nothing else! My twat of a sister come over to my place to play games like Treasure Mania and Farmville for hours... she once played 9 hours straight and ignored her own kid to play this crap. I was tempted of joining Facebook before my sister showed me what her and her "friends" do on it and that just turned me off, especially since that all everyone seems to do is just play those games. Come on people, networks! Find people with similar interests and gather a bunch of like minded people together and mingle, talk about the stuff you don't have in common, that's why it's called social networking.

To those people who use Twitter and Facebook properly I applaud you for actually realising what these are for. For the rest of you the roughly 80% of user of each site, social networking is meant for socialising with other people around the world and help bring us closer to peace and to learn new thing through others... it's essentially a virtual social life! Don't squander the gift of these sites. Feast upon knowledge!

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