Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The ApolcalyPS3 is over! It's safe once again.

First I'd like to note that this image was on G4's website to mark a visual link to the PS3 glitch that had fat PS3 owners angry, upset and even scared. It was a a internal clock error that caused it because the clock thought that it was a leap year and the PSN said otherwise. So far everything has returned to normal, but I haven't checked mine yet. My question is whether this will happen again on 2014 or will this happen in 2012 to the slims? Also it seems that some people have their missing trophies back and all the corrupt data has returned to normal.

Since the ApocalyPS3 I've read things about people trading up to slims and replacing with Xbox 360's but I honestly think that this is a serious issue and Sony need to address properly instead of what they did which was ignore it until it resolved itself and I'd like to know how the old model PS3 owners will be compensated for the mass hysteria. As for me I say that they should give us a $US20 and $AU50 on our wallets on the PSN, which I think is reasonable or at least a free download of our choice.

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