Friday, March 5, 2010

Rant 20 : Final Fantasy XIII....?

I know the game hasn't come out... but I"M F*CKING P*SSED OFF ALREADY! Let me start with the waiting for the release. As I mentioned before I saw the game physically at Game when I was there yesterday and being a fan boy like me, it was extreme torture knowing it's 100% done and shipped, but can't be sold to me yet. Next is that the game on the PS3 isn't bilingual like I had hoped. Now the main reason I wanted to play in Japanese with English subs was to avoid the Leona Lewis theme song. I don't like the singer and I hate the song even more. Then there's the linearity of the game. That really p*sses me of because of the fact that RPGs aren't meant to be linear and we need stuff like sidequest to extend the time we play the game for and to give a sense of achievement when we do the sidequest that gets us the ultimate weapons. Another thing I hate is how long it took to release it in English and if you didn't know it's because of programing English lip movements and adding the crappy Leona Lewis song somewhere in the game. They should have just dubbed it and only released it with the English touch ups for the 360 version, leaving the PS3 version to be released earlier and bilingual. There is also the healing after battle thing that takes away some of the strategy and the challenge of the game. My final complaint is the box art. It sucks! I prefer the Japanese versions logo without a picture of Lightning. Also the European version looks like it has a different cover to the one for the U.S.A and Australia. I got a newsletter email from Square-Enix Europe and the cover shows Lightning in a pose where it looks like she's going to attack instead of staring blankly into the distance like the cover we get here in Australia.

I won't know if all these problems culminate into a huge lump of sh*t or not until the game gets released, but I don't think the game will be as good as previous entries in the series prior to the merger of Squaresoft and Enix.... see where I'm going? Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go yell at the clock and calender to hurry up and get to March 9.

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