Thursday, March 4, 2010

Resident Evil 5 DLC

Ok, Resident Evil 5's DLC is all released and here's the down low on the downloads.

First off is the Versus mode. Too be honest I don't like competitive modes in games very often and I don't like Versus mode. The basics of ever competitive game mode is here like Deathmatch and Survivor and I can say I didn't like it proudly because it just doesn't work with the Resident Evil 5 controls. If you really want PVP competition then you may like it, but trust me stick with Call Of Duty or MAG. I say pass on downloading it unless you REALLY want competitive gameplay in Resident Evil 5

Next lets talk about 'Lost In Nightmares' which is a prequel scenario added to the game. It's short... real short. Only 1 real enemy type in this mode and a couple of dead bodies that jump at you but that's it. It's not very challenging, even when you lose all you equipment for a small section, until you get to the end fight with Wesker and that's just a simple game of learning his pattern and counter after you dodge. I was disappointed in the length and it's isn't necessary at all. Again I say pass on it because it's just not as good as the hype and the only challenge is the Wesker fight.

Desperate Struggle on the other hand is short like Lost in Nightmares but is action packed and actually has a purpose for being there. In this mode you fight waves of seemingly endless enemies to get out of the area and the final part of the stage is a endless horde until the timer runs out and you get swarmed by enemies to the point where you can be cornered and have no health against both a chainsaw wielding Majini and a B.J. Should you download it? Only for extra story and a challenge, but it's not necessary.

Finally is the extra mode you get from all the DLC for costumes and the new scenarios, which is Mercenaries Reunion. This is just the normal Mercenaries mode with new characters. Pretty much it's not much different and is again, a pointless addition to Resident Evil 5.

Seriously I am a HUGE Resident Evil fan and I think Capcom wasted time making these DLC, mainly because it's not really worth having. Although the cheap value can be tempting, you don't need this DLC and if anything this DLC is only good to keep you occupied between a games release or to just give you a reason to play Resident Evil 5 again.

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