Monday, March 8, 2010

Review : Ragnarok DS (import)

Ok I have 3 games to review this week and 2 are imports. The first of the 2 import games is a MMORPG that has been watered down to a MMO style RPG with a story. Today I review Ragnarok DS.

Ragnarok Online was a world renown MMORPG from Korea. It's had millions of people play it both on official and private servers. Now with such a huge shadow to live in Ragnarok DS is a Story driven RPG using the core mechanics the MMO uses. The story is about a boy named Ales who's decided since his mother died to become an adventurer better then his father, who has also died but before his mother. During his quest to get a 'clean stone' he finds a woman named Sierra, who is suffering from amnesia and decides to follow Ales. After Ales gets a 'clean stone' he goes to Prontera and is now working as hard as he can to make a guild and money while helping the weak. The game relies on the stylus and does have a small amount button controls that are useless. The controls are easy to pick up and are explained during the early part of the game. If you've ever played Ragnarok Online or any other MMO then the controls will be second nature to you. There are plenty of Job Classes to choose from and 2 exclusive classes that were never in the MMO and every item will be familiar to RO veterans and the AI party members are actually helpful. Then there's the multiplayer... oh the multiplayer. The multiplayer feature is limited to one dungeon and you can play 3 players in there but it's randomly generated floors with rare items for rewards... but it gets really old... really fast! If you bought this for the multiplayer then you wasted your money. The multiplayers is also the only part of the game where you can customise your character, but it's only for that mode and overall it's just pointless.

The game is designed for Ragnarok Online fans, but isn't as good as the MMO when it comes to the multiplayer. The story part of the game is good because it gives you what you like as a solo player of RO with a story that isn't too bad, but a lot of RPG fans would rather avoid it and I don't blame them because it's meant for fans and is better as a solo experience. I liked the story mode myself, but I am a Ragnarok Online fan and the multiplayers rewards are good, but aren't worth it.

Score 3/5

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