Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's talk anime : Dragonball Z

Ok well I thought I'd talk about the anime everyone recognises as anime when you ask if they've ever watched an anime. I honestly am not a big fan of the series but I figured it needed to be done regardless. Well either way this week I'm talking about Dragonball Z.

Well the series is a long and arduous experience to say the least. I've seen every episode of every DBZ series other then Dragonball Kai which is DBZ but removing some of the more boring episodes. Dragonball Z is the continuation of the Dragonball saga continuing at least 5 to 6 years after Dragonball and starts with the arrival of Goku brother Radditz yadda yadda yadda, everyones seen the series so I don't need to explain. Now admittedly DBZ is a good action anime with awesome supernatural fights but the story telling is sub par. Especially since it's all fights and cheesy dialogue and the show got very sucky after the Cell Saga. I honestly think they should have stopped after that but Akira Toryama just didn't want to stop. The hardest sagas to sit through are the Buu sagas and the Freiza saga. The best are definitely the Android and Cell sagas because it has the best fights and the story while still a lump of crap isn't as bad here. DBZ is a bat sh*t crazy series that is definitely meant for 10 to 15 year olds because I enjoyed it as a kid when it first aired on Cheese TV in Australia but now I can stand it because it's just rubbish. Dragonball was good in both action and story but it's continuations were just crap, especially Dragonball GT. I honestly hate DBGT more then DBZ because it's just a tacked on series that had a crappy story, crappy fights and especially crappy characters like the Para Para Brothers.

DBZ is good for boy... BOYS! Adults won't be interested and adult who saw this as kids probably wont enjoy it as much as adults because of being exposed to stuff that has good stories like Dexter, True Blood and other various adult TV shows. I wouldn't recommend buying it on DVD unless you got kids.

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