Monday, April 5, 2010

Retro Review : God Of War

Well God Of War III is out and I don't have it unfortunately because of buying games on eBay, which I will be reviewing. I figured that since the new one's out, I'd review the original and since I am I'm going mention that I imported the God Of War Collection last year and it's now available in Australia so go get it.

The original God Of War is in short, a GREAT GAME! Seriously if your 15 and over and you haven't played it, YOU MUST! God Of War is a Greek mythology based game. The Story is about Kratos. A Spartan(not the Halo kind kids) who requested help from the God of War, Aries to defeat his enemies and the price he had to pay for it was killing his family, unintentionally because Aries was controlling him. Now Kratos is out for revenge and is helping Athena defeat Aries since Gods can't fight Gods. The game is awesome, outside of quick time events and those QTEs work well with the adrenaline. Combat is sound and great fun. There are a fair few weapons and spells to use to vary the combat but you'll end up just using the main weapon though because the Blades of Hades is all you really need. The gore level of this game is pretty high but not as bad as some games, which were all banned. The best thing is the boss fights. They are awesome! The epic boss fights are big and adrenaline filled, also frustrating! Some boss QTEs are hard to respond to but look AWESOME! This game will definitely be one of the best games teenage boys and adult male will love.

God Of War is an awesome game that is a must have for teenage boys and adult males and if they don't already own it they should. It's one of those games that should be in every collection and if fun to play.

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