Friday, April 2, 2010

Rant 23 : Online only achievements/trophies

I hate online achievements/trophies! Am I wrong to hate these? NO I'm not!
First of all I hate how these are usually for things that only the obsessed gamers who only play that game to obtain. Plus how can you get these from people who have sh*tty Internet connections! Honestly I've versed mainly people online who's connections are crap and what's worst is when they are from America and have a bad connection. In Australia we lag against Americans already and when someones connection is crap, we barely can play. I have a super speed connection to the PAL territory but I try to link with the NTSC region online it's like a 200-220ms ping connection and it's aggravating how this is. The thing I hate the most about online achievements is the fact that not everyone has an Internet connection. In my opinion all achievements/trophies should be obtained in offline modes and easier to get online. I am a person who plays online very rarely and I have friends who don't even play online because of the costs. Why should people like me and my friends be discriminated against in the achievement/trophy department? Seriously online gaming is fun but some of us either don't care for it or just don't play online very often and online achievements/trophies are a d*ck move to us.

Online achievements/trophies are the hardest to get because of one trick pony gamers and lagging connections and IF I could stop game developers making games with them I would. I wish they were easier at least.

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