Friday, April 23, 2010

My opinion on the iPhone so far.

Ok I just recently upgraded my phone to a new phone and I chose this. Why you ask? Because of Final Fantasy and I was curious about the technology. Well so far I'm annoyed by the fact that I can't have custom message tones and the keyboard outside of the Safari browser. The starting apps aren't very impressive but you got to take into consideration that they are preloaded basics. The touch screen is pretty responsive but it seems to be less responsive near the edges but I suppose that's expected from the design. The thing I have a grip with is the Final Fantasy game on the app store. The frame rate is irregular and I'm betting money it's because of data compression because the file size is way smaller then it should be. Well that's Square-Enix's fault so I can blame Apple for that. I don't have many apps downloaded other then Final Fantasy and Twitteriffic. If you have any suggestions of hardcore style games or useful app for the iPhone leave a comment or Tweet them to me.

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