Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's Talk Anime : Trinity Blood

Are you like me and are an anti-Twilight person? Well if you are then you either male or a sane woman. This week I'm going to talk about Trinity Blood, an anime about vampire... BUT it has vampires who feed off vampires! They are called crusniks and the story about them is interesting.

Here is the Madman Entertainment description of the series,
Armageddon... The ultimate sin of humanity, perpetrated upon itself, which cast the shroud of death across the world centuries ago. And out of that lasting darkness, they emerged... From the legends of ancient times, they have been called forth into the world anew... Vampires.

Two races, Terran and Methuselah, human and vampire, are locked in a struggle for existence, trembling on the brink of war. Some seek the path to a peaceful coexistence while others pursue a dangerous shift in the balance of power... And the world's enemy, Contra Mundi, is starting to move. Cooperation and goodwill between the two races may be their only chance for survival.

Abel Nightroad, a touring priest for the Vatican, walks calmly where others fear to tread. A member of the formidable AX, he is tasked with the protection of the fragile equilibrium. Neither human nor vampire and with an awkward yet optimistic nature, this father is a force wholly his own. When a greater threat emerges, the enemy of my enemy is my friend... and Abel Nightroad seeks a safe path for all.

Ok I have to admit I dropped the ball with this one since I haven't watched the series in a while but I still felt like talking about it. Trinity Blood is a good anime, but like a lot of Gonzo anime doesn't END! It leaves a door wide open and never finish their series. This is because they made an anime out of a series that was still being written. No Gonzo aren't the only culprits of this but they are the biggest that I've seen. That aside Trinity Blood is both funny and full of some great action sequences. The story is a good one, but it is both short and isn't complete so if you want the whole story, you need to buy the mangas. The characters are pretty cool and the story will keep you interested throughout the entire 24 episodes. I'm not sure about you, but if you watch it, you'll most probably get attached to Abel Nightroad. Most of the episodes are full of action and it's pretty good, but I'm guessing some people will probably not like it that much. I have to admit the voice acting in the series is very good and even the voice of the pope is good... for a whiny sounding voice but it suits the character. I would recommend this series but it's not the type of anime that's going to change your taste in anime.

Trinity Blood is a good series but not great. It's funny and action packed with a good story. It's meant for late teens and honesty I think you'd be better off buying the mangas over the anime, but having both is better. Give it a watch online or rent it before you buy it because I think it will be a hit and miss depending on the viewer.

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