Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I REALLY can't wait for Blade Kitten.

I admit it! I have Blade Kitten Fever! I am really anxious to play this game and I've started reading the comics online at the official Blade Kitten website and So far the comic is awesome and the game looks awesome as well. Also NO I'm not excited about this because it's an Australian made game! No I'm excited because it's an action platformer that has an awesome comic series and I'm expecting the games story to be as good as what I've read so far. I can officially say I'm now a fan of Blade Kitten and look forward to see were it goes as a game franchise and where the comics story will progress to. Here is a screenshot from the game from the official site and I'm curious about the story this ones going to have. All I know is that it's a prequel to the comics and I really can't wait! I highly doubt I'm getting excited for nothing and yes I will be reviewing it when I get to play it. In every interview the Creator Space Captain Steve has said late April early May, which is very vague and just builds up my anticipation even more!

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