Monday, April 19, 2010

Retro Review : Super Mario World

Ahh... remember when games where all about fun and entertainment instead of pretty graphics and the ability to "frag" every person you meet online? Well if your under 16 then no you don't. If you are older then you may remember this classic Mario game. It's this weeks Retro Review and a history lesson for the n00bs aka kids... HA! take that!

Back in 1990 the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was new on the market and got this classic game with it. Super Mario World was the first Super NES Mario game and it was a great game I finished in a day back when I first got it. Super Mario World is a platformer (which back on the SNES was the norm unlike today which is the FPS) and it used a map system with hubs to go to each stage and had lots of paths to get to some of the stages. The story is the same as every Mario game essentially. Princess Peach/Toadstool gets kidnapped by Bowser/King Koopa and the Mario Bros. are out to rescue her and they have to defeat all of Bowsers kids to get to Bowser and rescue Princess Peach and along their journey they meet Yoshi, a green dinosaur who eats almost anything. The game itself had a few power ups like the traditional Super Mushroom, Power Star and Fire Flower, it also feature the new Feather Cape which allowed Mario to fly, ground pound and swoop. Mario also got the ability to destroy blocks under him with a spin jump, which was also used to dismount Yoshi.

Super Mario World was a great game on the SNES and you can download it on the Wii. The game was also part of a game pack for the SNES which also had the Super Mario All-Stars game on it and I wish that would get released on the Wii as well because the classic controller is awkward to use in NES games and they don't allow you to reconfigure it to suit yourself. I'd love to see Nintendo remake all the NES and SNES Mario games and Super Mario 64 with 3D graphics like the New Super Mario Bros. Wii for WiiWare, but that won't happen unless they listen to fans properly.

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