Monday, April 12, 2010

Possible Twitter addiction

I not sure 100% about this but I think I may be starting to get
addicted to Twitter posting. Today alone I've posted around 6 posts and I'll probably post more before the end of the day. I know it must seem like a small amount but if you think like that then you are addicted to Twitter. Whether this is a bad thing or not I wouldn't now either but some tweets I've read are pretty stupid. I'm all for people to talk about what's on there mind but when they are tweeting about stupid things like how attractive the weather girl is or how bad the microwave meal is.

I started a Twitter account in the hope of more viewers on my blog and maybe some big wig game website or magazine will hire me and send me to a journalism school the improve my grasp of the English language so I could write better articles and reviews. I think it's a pipe dream but you never know. Twitter is a tool that works well as an alert service for events, update of projects and other stuff but some users use it for ridiculous purposes and even I am starting to be like that and I think that's another sign of addiction. Another symptom is buying a phone you can tweet on... even I'm tempted of getting an iPhone to do that... and download Final Fantasy to play on the train.

Ok so here are the 3 symptoms I have discovered for Twitter addictions,
1. Tweeting frequently in the same day
2. Tweeting about stuff that is ridiculous and unimportant to anyone
3. Buying a phone just so you can tweet on while out and about

Can you think of other symptoms of being a addicted to Twitter? Tweet them... hmmm... is that a baited lure or what?

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