Monday, April 12, 2010

Retro Review : Mega Man

God do I love the old Nintendo Entertainment System! The more I do Retro Reviews, the more I rekindle my love for it... if only Nintendo would have as much love for it as I do. Anyway I decided to flick through my modest library of NES games and found this classic and thought to myself, "Why hasn't Capcom released or announced Mega Man X9?". Well since it isn't going to happen yet, let's get a Retro Review of the first Mega Man game done.

Mega Man... story... well I know what your thinking, hey it's a NES game, what story? Well there is a small amount of story. Dr LIGHT(not Right! Captain N says Dr Right and it drove me crazy!) created Mega Man and Dr Willy created evil reploids to do his bidding and Mega Man must defeat them to save the world. The game has a simple design, but a difficulty level that not many modern gamers could handle. It's a platformer with a simple control sceme of jump, shoot and change power up. I found the best part of the game and every Mega Man game (other then the RPGs) are the stages themselves before the boss. Sure respawning enemies were a pain but it was fun timing those jumps and jump shots right. Also Capcom was really good with level design for ever Mega Man game and admitted the Mega Man X series had better level design, but the original was challenging. Boss fights are FRUSTRATING!!!!! I spend 2 hours trying to defeat Cutman... admittedly I didn't play Mega Man until I was 19 on the NES after getting a copy off of a mate so I was already ruined by modern games. I also have to admit... I never finished it because of other games in my extensive library of games and new releases at the time.

Mega Man is a good game, but download it on the Wii if you like the challenge and aren't a controller breaker like me. Also it can be cleared in a day if you have the skills and patience to get through it. I want Capcom to release a Mega Man collection for PS3 so every Mega Man game can fit on it.

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