Thursday, May 20, 2010

Halo Reach Beta is over and here's what was good

Well today we say farewell to the Halo Reach Beta. We all had our fun and I will now tell you what I found the most fun.

First off is Invasion. This mode was the best I played. As I've said before this mode should have been the true Team Slayer. Invasion mode consisted of a team of Elites trying to get a data core while a team of Spartan III's defended the shields and the data core. This was fun but the Invasion Slayer was gold. In Invasion Slayer it was essentially Elites Vs Spartan III's in a death match with territories to obtain for weapon and vehicle drops. This mode was awesome and I enjoyed every minute of play.

Next we have Generator defense. This was kinda cool but I never got to play it, only watch it get played. This mode was pretty much the same as Invasion but the Spartans are defending generators while the Elites are out to destroy them.

Head Hunter was interesting and I'm sure it will be popular when the full game comes out but I'm personally going to stick with Team matches. In Head Hunter mode you had to collect skulls and take it to a drop point and prey you didn't get killed because you drop them. Killing for skulls is all well and good but I found it more fun to sneak in, take the skulls and drop them off... assuming I didn't get sniped.

As for the new Spartan III armor abilities, they are a great feature but need some tweaking. The Guard armor lock is cool but kept glitching up during Invasion with the user keeping the invulnerability for about 5 seconds after the emp burst. The Airborne jet pack is fun but makes you a great target but it really needs tweaking to allow better movement, especially air staffing! The Stalker camo is great but my only complaint about it is that even when standing still you can be seen really easily. The Scouts sprint is perfect that doesn't need changing outside of a longer duration. The Elites also get the camo as expected as one of there abilities as well as the jet packs but the evasive roll is both good and bad. The good part is how effective it can be in a lot of situations, the bad is you can only do it 2 times! It should be four times in total, but that's my opinion.

Hopefully when the full release of Halo Reach is available they'll fix every bug and add a lot of maps straight away... or even better separate multiplayer disc! I think I'll suggest it to them come to think of it. Halo Reach looks like it will be a great game and I look forward to it's eventual release, probably in October.

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