Saturday, May 15, 2010

Review : 3D Dot Game Heroes

It's been a while since I've done anything on my blog and one reason is Halo Reach Beta, the other is an actual game that I can Review! Now if you didn't see this review coming, considering all the retro reviews I do then you don't pay attention that well, that or you're new. Anyway here is a review of an exclusive to GAME release in Australia and if you want it your going to have to order it from them. This is 3D Dot Game Heroes review and it's a good game.

First I have to point out that if you do get this game you may feel like it's a blatant rip-off of Legend of Zelda, and you're not half wrong. From the games story, items and general structure it's almost a carbon copy of the game. This is because it's a homage to old 8-Bit games. Ok now that that's out of the way lets get to the review part of this.

The story is very similar to something out of a Legend of Zelda game. In the 8-Bit world of Dotnia a legendary hero empowered by 6 orbs of 6 sages defeats the Dark King and seals him in a Dark Orb. Then the orb is stolen by an evil Dark Bishop named Fuelle and now YOU, the descendant of the legendary hero has got to stop him. Now to the funny part of the story. Originally the kingdom was in 2D and used to get a lot of tourist's thanks to the heroics of the legendary hero hundreds of years ago. After a while tourism started to wane, The king realised that it's because everyone was into 3D and decided to turn the land of Dotnia into a 3D world... but it's still an 8-Bit world. Now as mentioned before the game play like a Legend of Zelda game, the old ones to be exact.
It's controls are simple and anyone can pick it up easily so even a 5 year old can play this without too much problems. The items you get in the game to progress through the story are also ones you'd expect from the Zelda franchise like the Wire Rod(Hookshot), a boomerang, bombs, a bow, a Fire Wand... are you getting the picture? The game also features many different swords to collect and upgrade in a strange way. The swords can have the length and width upgraded to make it take up a large amount of the screen. It can also be upgraded to pierce through objects, shoot beams, spin attack(by just attacking normally and moving the analog stick) and some have special upgrades... also you can upgrade the strength but that's not that important... well it actually is but the novelty of the super sized sword may end up consuming your attention but here's the catch, those upgrades only work at full health. If you lose 1 half of a heart... I mean apple, you lose the upgraded swords power... you see how much like Zelda games this is? The games structure as mentioned before is like every Zelda game. Get info, go to the dungeon, find the special item in the dungeon needed to get to the boss, defeat the boss, rinse and repeat. So anyone who's familiar with the Zelda franchise should be able to get through the game without too much trouble.
Ok I have to admit that I've been ragging on this game for being a lot like a Zelda game but that's because it's a homage to the games of yore. Just because I've been harpooning the game for being like Zelda doesn't mean I hate it, in fact I LOVE THIS GAME!

This game is a retro looking game with all the charm of the golden age of gaming. It's definitely a game that Zelda fans will embrace and for others it'll be hit and miss depending on nostalgia. As a fan of the Zelda series and being nostalgic toward 8-Bit classics I give the game a 4/5 but if it weren't for that it'd probably be a 3 because it's more of a niche game. It knows it's target audience well and provides perfectly. It's a good game and I highly recommend it for everyone but the only store that sells it in Australia is GAME so if you want it, you'll have to order it through them. Also if your still a little wary about getting it, see if you can rent the game.

Zelda/Nostalgia Score 4/5
Score for all 3/5

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