Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Halo Reach Beta First Impressions

Ok excuse the picture but I always get my box shots off of EB Games Australia's website. Now that the beta for Halo Reach has become open to Halo 3 ODST owners. It's pretty much the same as Halo 3 with new weapons and modes with a cosmetic makeover. Ok that's not true. It looks good definitely and the new weapons adds more variety to the death matches. The new game mode stockpile is one I don't like because of there being too many flags, not enough frags. Team SWAT is good because grenades aren't flying everywhere because of weapons restriction and the fact that accuracy wins in this match makes it challenging and fun. Covy Slayer is an all Elite team slayer which was ok but I prefer UNSC weapons over Covenant weapons. There are some classic matches like Team Slayer, Capture the flag, Oddball and King of the Hill. There's a new mode I've yet to try call 3 Slot but unfortunately I spend more time in CTF and Stockpile matches so I can't say anything about it. The every man for themselves matches are mainly the same and the new Headhunter mode is kinda cool but I only tried it out for the sake of doing a proper beta testers job, I just prefer team multiplayer instead of solo multiplayer.

New modes are apparently getting added soon so I'll add that into the next Halo Reach post. Also I am sorry for not posting recently but the Halo Reach Beta has been distracting me for the most part and I hopefully soon will be back on track and hopefully at the end of the month I'll have a review for 3D Dot Game Heroes. Until I get back to my regular blogging routine just follow my Twitter posts because I update that more often because it's quicker and I can do it on my phone.

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