Friday, April 30, 2010

iPhone gaming... not that good.

Ok some people like to think the iPad, iPod and iPhone are the next step in gaming and I say their WRONG!!!! Sorry Apple but as an actual gamer I find iPhone gaming a pain in my butt. Now admittedly my reasons can be rectified.

My first gripe is about the controls. Sure the touch screen is awesome but playing games on it for some of the decent on in a pain. My thumbs keep moving off the parts of the screen the control buttons are and on top of that they are too small for a person with large thumbs. Now if the rumors of a controller for the devices is real I know it'd buy one and pray it works on all the games on it. My other gripe is the games themselves. Most of the games are perfect for people who like Bejeweled and sudoku. A gamer like me went through the entire games section in the app store and only found a few games I would download and I downloaded Final Fantasy and Across Age EX. Maybe it's because most of the people who make the games are just making simple games with their current skill level. I guess with the iPad now showing itself in the market it will encourage better games to come out but only time will tell.

Maybe I'm just a spoiled gamer, or maybe I'm not easily distracted by colourful games with no purpose other then color matching. The iPhone has potential but I think it needs more love from developers to make larger games, or at least some games that are similar to the old SNES and Sega Megadrive games. I like the iPhone. I think it's a nifty device and I hope some decent games get released on it but only time will tell and I do hope a controller comes out for it because I think it's unfair that fat fingered people can't play on it properly.

To be honest I do recommend people consider getting an iPhone but only if you need a new phone, not for the sake of getting a new phone. Just remember you get a phone to make calls not to play with.

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