Monday, May 31, 2010

Retro Review : Super Mario Kart

Ok I have to admit that this is inspired by the next game I'm going to review which is Modnation Racers but being inspired by a game I'm playing is better then what I was doing before. Anyway here's a retro review on the first major kart racer, Super Mario Kart.

Back in the days of yore when High Definition graphics and images were just a dream in some guys head, the Super Nintendo was the king of the 16-Bit era and it was also the time when Nintendo decided that Mario needed to be in more stuff other then really good games. Super Mario Kart is one of the first games that watered down Mario along with Dr. Mario and Super Mario RPG where Nintendo thought that Mario need to be in every genre of gaming. That's not to say that these games and future Mario games from this point are bad, just not as good as the old 2D side scrollers. Super Mario Kart was pretty much just a Kart racer that hated the player, seriously I spent a lot of time playing this game and abusing it for a number of reason. The game had a reasonable number of course and around 8 characters to choose from that would fill the entire grid. Controls were terrible for the most part but hey, it's the first game in the series and it had no analog stick. The AI also had a boat load of issues which peeved me off starting with the rubber band system where no matter how far in front you may end up getting, they can be up your butt in a matter of seconds. Another thing I hated is the fact that they used items you couldn't, this was frustrating and also bull crap! My favourite was when they could just go through anything at anytime without notice. As you can tell I hated the game, but did I ever have fun with it NO! Was it a good game? Yes! Just because I would love to destroy every copy of the game including the original file doesn't mean it's bad. I'm not a huge racing game fan but the Mario Kart series are the best Kart racers you can play... well they used to be. The game had Time Trial mode Grand Prix mode and Battle, each are self explanatory. Well this really isn't much of a review huh?

Super Mario Kart is a good game admittedly but only for the SNES. At least over the years the Mario Kart series improved making it slightly fairer but still a frustrating game to play alone but great fun with others. Well this may have been more of a rant then a review but keep an eye out for my review off Modnation Racers sometime in the next few days.

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