Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review : Super Street Fighter IV

Well it was bound to happen, although it never seemed to happen to Street Fighter III. Super Street Fighter IV has been released, played out and I just recently got my hands on the game last Thursday and let me say that everything they said they did to it was totally true. Anyway here's the review of the new best fighting game around.

Let me start by saying that there are a lot of differences to the game to the original Street Fighter IV but some you might not notice straight away. First big thing you'll notice is story mode intro cut scene isn't a cut scene anymore, why? I'm guessing it's the Xbox 360 Disc capacities fault. Another thing is that battles can take longer then you may be used to and some characters moves aren't as super powered as before.
I didn't mention the extra characters because that comes under the heading of 'DUH!' when it comes to things to notice, but yes the roster of characters has increased to a total of 35. A nice healthy number of characters if you ask me and I like large rosters like this. It adds more variety to the multiplayer experience at home because let's face it, everyone online uses just Ryu, Ken Akuma and nobody else for the most part and it can get really boring, really fast! One thing that's good about the re-balancing is that Seth and Sagat aren't bull crap to fight, unless the player is actually good with the characters or the CPU decides to be a pain. The new characters are a nice edition because even though there are 8 returning characters, the 2 new ones are the big deal. Juri is a Tai-Kwon fighter with some awesome moves and if you can master her properly even the people who suck Ryu and Ken for all there worth can be put in there place and Hakan... well... he's a bit weird but is a tough contender himself. His moves are impressive but not exactly cool to look at... just creepy.
Along with the re-balancing of characters they added a feature veterans of Street Fighter III may remember is the ability to select the Super Combo but instead it's the Ultra Combo you get to choose. Same principle as in Street Fighter III but let's face it, you'll choose the one you like regardless of the opponent and it's probably be the coolest looking one. Personally I choose the one that does the most damage or is easier to execute for me. Controls haven't changed much since Street Fighter II so it's easy for veterans to pick up and you can customise them to suit your play style.
As you may have seen either on the box or the web, Barrel and Car Smash stages make a return to the game to break up combat in Arcade Mode. I honestly like it and hate it. I like how it gives you a little break from the main action but I hate how it can also throw you off when you get into the swing of things. Online multiplayer has vastly improved but I can never seem to get a Team Battle match. The Ranked Matches are essentially the same but you'll fight people in your region as a priority. Endless Battle is where the online play is best because it feels more like an arcade experience and even though it's winner stays, it can still be a great experience... assuming your not playing 1 trick pony players! I HATE THOSE PLAYERS!!! Although I have played some people who are good with a large selection of the roster but they're far and few between. Challenge Mode has been extended but doesn't teach you everything and most of the challenges are near impossible to pull off on a controller, I know because I'm good with timing and even on a lightning speed button mash I couldn't get most of them done. Arcade Sticks are definitely recommended for this game but not the free ones you get with the BlazBlue game because those suck for this. The proper Arcade Sticks work well for this game but they cost a bit of money and if you want to go toe-to-toe with people online then you'll need one, if on the other hand your going to play at home then the controller will suffice for couch matches. One thing that may annoy you is the announcer, he seems to point out the obvious and has an annoying voice that makes Navi from Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time seem tolerable... for 5 minutes at least. Seriously who ever they got to do it is really annoying and I wish I could turn him off without muting the characters, but it's a petty gripe.

Super Street Fighter IV is the best fighting game available and it's a definite buy for any fighting game fan and if you are a Street Fighter fan, do I even need to tell you? The games online fighting is why most people will buy this and it works very well. You can't go wrong with this fighter and it's a perfect 5/5 from me, and if I were to give it a lower score I'd have to give up being a gamer because marking down a game like this is against the law or something, plus I'd be a hypocrite because I said it's the best fighter available.

Score 5/5


  1. The game it's awesome really nice and it's fast not like the others, don't have to many players buyt it's great.
    5 haha

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