Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E3 2010 : Nintendo Press Conference

OH MY GOD! Nintendo's conference is the best so far. Seriously every other conference may not be able to come close to what Nindendo did.

The conference started with a new Legend Of Zelda. Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword looks so awesome and has 1:1 motion! It also has excellenct graphics. Mario has a new sports game called Mario Sports Mix. It's a mix game pack with lots of different sports that should make fans of Mario sports titles happy. Mii Party was shown and is a Mario Party style of game using Mii. A sequel to Just Dance was shown but meh. Golden Sun Dark Dawn had more shown and it's AWESOME! A new Golden Eye was announced but it wasn't too interesting in my opinion. I would have preferred the original N64 version. Epic Mickey had some gameplay shown and it looks cool but more for kids on first impressions. Kirby gets a new game called Kirby's Epic Yarn, which looks very childish and Kirby fans would love. Dragon Quest IX gets an English release so fans of that can rejoice. Metroid Other M looks pretty awesome so get that! A new Donkey Kong Country was shown and it's called Donkey Kong Country Returns and it looks like fun, especially since it's a 2D side scroller. The Nintendo 3DS was shown and it's got a lot of stuff that makes me wonder where the heck they put it all in such a small device. Along with that they also showed a new Kid Icarus game for the 3DS and it looks phenomenally awesome! The 3DS has standby wireless communication and cross game communication which is kinda cool but seems unsecure in my opinion. It's also going to have a lot of 3rd party games coming sooner then expected and it seems like the 3DS will print money too.

Nintendo has really upped the game so Sony will have to really try hard to get a lot of attention this year and to be honest Nintendo can take my money now.

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