Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E3 2010 : Sony Press Conference

Ok Sony had there conference and again I'm disappointed in the fact that it's all about the new toy and not about the good stuff... well there were a couple of things but like Microsoft, not enough.

Sony's conference had some hiccups on G4TV's website but I hate Gamespot as a back up. It started with them showing of 3D and Move games. Killzone 3 was first and if your a fan they you're all ready drooling and it uses PS Move. They announce a whole bunch of future 3D titles so if you're big on 3D then you're drooling too. The PS Move has some games shown as well. Sorcery an adventure game that uses the PS3mote for it attacks. Another Tiger Woods game... that uses the PS3mote UGH! A game that made me consider the thought of the PS3mote was Heroes on the Move, a game with Ratchet, Jak and Sly together with their partners in a PS3mote exclusive title. It looks pretty good but I'll probably consider it when the PS3mote is cheaper then a full price game for each 1 and the PS3mote nunchuku or whatever it's called being half that cost... plus an Eye Toy? You know what? Screw the PS3mote! PSP got a new spokesperson and it makes me want to throw my PSP at the heads of Sony because this kid they have is annoying!!! God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta had a trailer and looked cool but no gameplay footage. Sony promises over 70 PSP titles by December and during this video of some of the games I got angry with Square-Enix. I'll rant about them in another post. LittleBigPlanet 2 had more of it's stuff showcased and I'm really looking forward to this game because the first was awesome and this one you can make different games in the one game. Sony announced the PlayStation Plus subscription and so far it's not worth bothering to pay for or pay attention to at the moment. More Medal of Honor was shown with an exclusive PS3 limited edition with Medal Of Honor: Frontlines being added to the pack. Dead Space 2 has an exclusive PS3 limited edition with Dead Space Extraction for the PS3mote. Portal 2 had a trailer and it's suppose to be better on PS3 then Xbox 360... supposedly. A new trailer for Final Fantasy XIV... PASS on that one! Does Square-Enix really think they'll make money from that? Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is getting PS3 exclusive content which sounds good. Gran Turismo 5 has a date and is in 3D. InFamous 2 has an awesome trailer and I can't wait to play it! and Finally Twisted Metal for PS3 was announced and it was a nice surprise but I never really like the series.

Overall Sony like Microsoft didn't show much stuff worth getting psyched about. Such a big disappointment this year from those 2.

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