Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rant 24 : Square-Enix hates it's fans and money!

As you know I was a big fan boy of Square-Enix. I've been buying their games no questions asked for 9 years but last year made be stop that. As you may have guessed Square-Enix has been changing for the worst over the last 2 years and since E3 last year they've made themselves clear to their fans that they can go to hell!

Let's start with Final Fantasy. I loved Final Fantasy until Final Fantasy XII came out. Sure some fans liked it but it sucked mainly due to the fact that the key man Hironobu Sakaguchi left taking quality control with him so there wasn't anyone there to make sure it was good. Then XIII came out and linearity ruined the game along with the Auto Battle type commands and 1 character control in a turn based combat game. XIV is coming soon and they managed to cock that one up too with the new jobs system... or should I say lack there of!
Next is Parasite Eve. I liked the first one and the second was so much better. Now the 3rd Birthday, which is the third has ruined the series with a 3rd person over the shoulder shooter. THEY DON'T WORK ON PSP!!! Why did they do this? The first game was good with it's combat and the seconds combat was better. If this was a console game I'd be less angry but since it's on the PSP it's ruined what could have been the return of one of my beloved game series.
Kingdom Hearts hasn't been ruined by Square-Enix yet but stop with the f*cking spin-offs! Why does Square-Enix have to keep postponing Kingdom Hearts 3 and release these spin-offs at every turn. On top of that they're releasing a mobile phone game on DS? Are they stupid?!
Front Mission was also butchered in Square-Enix's "let's make more western style games" craze Yoichi Wada is forcing on the company. They turned a tactical turn based game into an Armored Core rip-off and killed the game! I like the way it was, why stab your fans in the back?
Deus Ex, Lara Croft and Space Invaders also look like they're getting butchered by Square-Enix from the trailers they're releasing and I did like these games in the past but the new games look like an insult to the originals.

Square-Enix has lost it's way and I'm hoping that everyone who's a fan like me blasts them for not thinking of the fans and remind them who game them the money for their now soulless empire. Screw you Square-Enix, Screw you! Until you start caring about the fans again you can go to hell for all I care! Ok I'll still buy games from you but don't expect good praise from them thanks to loyalty.

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  1. I played the piece of crap known as FFXIII and i must say that:HOLY FUCKING SHIT ITS BAD!!

    It is so fucking linear boring and easy.
    çWhen i was playing,i was dying of boredom and felt like it just kept going on and on and on.