Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E3 2010 Second Days Impressions

Today started with me being excited for these press conferences and Nintendo won my heart, while Sony made me want to gag.

Nintendo this year remembered the fans and gave us so much to look forward to. Games got names and sure some casual garbage was shown, it was over shadowed with so much goodness. I was so happy with the announcements from Nintendo that I even created my new happy black mage pic to show it. Then Sony's conference came on and reminded me that 3D is the new yo-yo and shove that down my throat along with the PS Move or as I like to call it the PS3mote. They did show some good games but like with the Microsoft one from yesterday, they were over shadowed by their new toy and headache inducers. I'm getting a headache right know thinking about the 3D. On the note of 3D the 3DS is very impressive and is getting a Kid Icarus game which makes the most of the new tech and the best part is that the 3D can be altered to suit you from no 3D to a high depth 3D. I like that so much that I may adopt a 3DS early in it's release.

Well that's day 2. I wish I had more for you but since I'm not there all I can do is give you a recap of what I saw online. Maybe next year I'll be on the floor... and maybe Square-Enix would return to the way it was and a Final Fantasy VII remake will be on the way... Ahh the pipe dreams!

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