Monday, June 21, 2010

Review : No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

I bought this game at Supanova on Saturday and finished it in 1 play for a total of 12 hours and 34 minutes today. I did the same with the original in over 16 hours. I know this game was released a month ago but I just bought it, finished it and I'm reviewing it. I loved the original and I loved this one too. Here's my review of No More Heroes 2 and let me just say there are only 2 types of games I finish in a day... games that are awesome and games that are too short.

No More Heroes 2 continues a while after the event of the first game. Travis is brought back into the assassination game by defeating some guy who was seeking revenge. Then his best friend who runs the video store Bishop is killed by the goons of the Number 1 ranked assassin and Travis is out for revenge. The story has 2 sets of scenes, those of a mysterious woman in some sleazy hotel for exotic shows and the regular events of the game, which turn out to be flashback... yeah the game for the most part is a giant flashback. Also just like the first game the 4Th wall is broken consistently in the game for comedic effect.
Unlike the first game you can use the classic controller for the game, but you may prefer the nunchuk like I did. Controls are the same as the first and you get a tutorial at the start of the game so even newcomers can pick it up easily. The games combat is sword play and wrestling moves just like the first game so returning players from the first will probably mirror what they did in the first game. Unlike the first game you don't need to drive around town to get to each location, instead you just choose the destination and it takes you there. The game also has a series of mini games to make money to by outfits and boost your stats at the gym which also has mini game. Most of these mini games are 8-Bit and are fun. The games main game plays like the last one for the most part, battle though the grunts until you fight the ranked assassins and sometimes it's straight to them. The ranked assassin battles vary but are mostly just fight the enemy. The bosses usually have an easy pattern to learn but even if you find it, some of the bosses can be a pain to beat... especially because of the bad camera, who seems like a bigger threat to you then the enemies. The game also has some quick time events when all the square of the enemies health ring turn red and the last attack was with the sword or was a grab of a dizzy enemy.
The game also has replay value too. You can restart the game on a higher difficulty with all the stuff and stats from the previous game and let me just say that it's best not to delete and start again... especially because of the stat boosting mini games being a pain to complete during the last stat boost.

Overall the game is really fun and has a good story. Combat is the best part of the game but it can run out fast. I love the game and highly recommend it. Admittedly some parts can be frustrating but it's still worth the money. I give the game a 4/5 because it a good game and perfect for anyone who needs a decent break from the basic cookie cutter games that keep getting released... even though the story can be confusing.

Score 4/5

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