Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Games drought and bordom.

Man I hate the winter period... summer for you in the northern hemisphere. Game releases are slowed to a crawl and what are reviewers left with? Garbage for the most part! Sure Mario Galaxy 2 is coming out this Thursday but every other game coming out is mainly garbage. Now admittedly I should review every game regardless, but since I'm personally paying for my games I'm just buying what I personally want and reviewing that until someone hires me to do reviews professionally and pays for my games.

I have to admit that this time of year is good for back catalogue purchases thanks to the sales and back catalogue gaming for games I haven't finished. Recently I bought Super Mario Galaxy, No More Heroes (again since I traded it a while ago, plus it was a second hand scratched game and I heard about the HD remake a while back) and No More Heroes 2(which I reviewed) and finished them recently. I may go back to the back catalogue after I get and finish Super Mario Galaxy 2. I honestly don't know what games I'll play once I finish it but one thing is for sure, once September starts I'm going to be bleed dry of money and overwhelmed by the new releases.

I've been very bored for the most part lately. Sure I can play games but even I like to take breaks from gaming to do stuff like read, watch TV online and on Foxtel and building models; but I've got no money for Gundam models so I can't do that, Foxtel doesn't have much stuff worth watching anymore and watching videos online is annoying because of streaming limits and bad video quality and I've been having problems getting in the mood to read any books. I could also watch DVDs but I've watched all I have and at the moment of writing this I'm watching a friends Witchblade anime collection and it's ok but I really wanted to update my blog.

Regardless these days of every year are a pain in the butt. I can't wait for the new game season to start but I'm going to regret it as well. If I can afford all the games I want this new game year then I'll be happy. Also if you don't know how the gaming years work then it's because it's something I came up with and it's from September to May and then June to the end of August is the gamer holidays when bugger all comes out and we catch up on our pile of shame. Well I'm done with this post and keep an eye out for my Super Mario Galaxy 2 review sometime next week, until then happy gaming.

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