Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm better then a professional gaming journalist at video games!

A friend asked me if I saw the Game Over screen in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the first hour. I asked him why and he showed me a preview from May's Australian Official Nintendo Magazine and whoever wrote it got Game Over 3 times in the first hour. I laughed my arse off! 19 hours into the game and I've never been close to seeing a Game Over screen.

It's official! I am better then a professional games journalist! It's a freaking Mario Game! How can you see a Game Over screen that many times in an hour outside of the NES Super Mario games? I mean seriously, I had no problems in the first hour of play and I didn't find anything too challenging until the Prankster Comets appeared and most of them I got through without losing a life. Now I know this is a shallow victory but considering I'm an amateur game reviewer and they are professionals... PROFESSIONALS!! Also if Nintendo themselves hired the staff of the magazine, then they really screwed up. I know I'm a long time gamer but I think even people aged over 8 could get through an hour without a Game Over screen. I think the magazine needs to hire better gamers instead of professional writers or hire gamers and use the professional writers to take dictation and make what they have to say about the game and make it sound professional.

What I'm trying to say is that I want a jobs as a professional game reviewer and the people who work for the official and possibly unofficial magazines seem to be lacking in gaming skills but overqualified at writing. Come On! I find that hilarious!

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