Saturday, July 3, 2010

Review : Super Mario Galaxy 2

Ok I just finished it... and finished it again and now it's given me even more to do. Super Mario Galaxy 2 seems to just want to keep you playing and I finished the game in 18 hours 19 minutes according to the message on my Wii message board. Now after 3 days of playing nothing but this game I am ready to review this game.

Super Mario Galaxy is one of those Wii games that reminds you that Nintendo does make games for the hardcore gamers and gives you a reason to actually own a Wii. Now even though it's a hardcore title for the Wii, it's not that difficult to finish... completing on the other hand it can pose a challenge so if you're a completionist like me you can actually get a little bit of a challenge. As for the story for this game while I was playing it, it almost seemed like it expunged the last games story from the record but it actually is a proper sequel to the first and has the same plot for the most part. Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach... again and is using the power of the grand stars to create his own galaxy in the middle of the universe to suit his new size and Mario has to rescue her... again... for like the 30th time or something, I've lost track over the years.
The games controls are simple and exactly the same as the last game so if you played the first then this is nothing new and if you're new, there are tutorials in the game and it comes with a tutorial DVD as well. The game is now split into worlds instead of terraces on the comet spaceship like the first one and you travel to each of them on your Mario head spaceship via a world map like Super Mario Bros. Wii. The level designs are all extremely well done and even though they are small they seem massive when you're playing them. There are 6 worlds plus a special world to unlock and has hours of gameplay for the average gamer. There are a few bosses in the game that are also huge and even a level with nothing but bosses. In the game you can also find Yoshi in some stages. Yoshi can eat some enemies and some enemies and be shoot out of his mouth to defeat other enemies and break glass cages. In some of Yoshi's stages you can eat certain fruits to help advance through the stage like the blimp fruit that makes Yoshi fly upwards for a short period of time, a light fruit that makes Yoshi uncover invisible footing and a spicy fruit that can make Yoshi run at a really fast speed. During the game after Luigi shows up you can find him in a few stages and if you finish it, you can even select him to play. The game also features a seconds player option that allows another person to use there pointer onscreen to collect items likes coins and mushrooms as well as defeat enemies and halt hazards like Bullet Bills and spike traps to name a few. Having a second play can also be an advantage in some of the harder stages and the game keeps reminding you via the fat luma. I would have to say my favourite worlds in the game are the super sized world and the world from Super Mario 64 that makes me wish they would remake Super Mario 64 for the Wii with the graphics of this game. I wish I could say more but I'm not too big on spoiling or waffling.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is probably the best game release on Wii to date and is awesome for all ages. As usual you can never go wrong with a Mario platformer game and this game is so good that it should be sold with every Wii as well as the first Super Mario Galaxy. I give this game a 5/5 because it's fun, challenging, anyone can play it and it will give your Wii some much needed attention... as well as the fact that it's a freaking Mario game! Mario games are always pure gold and I look forward to seeing his next adventure.

Score 5/5

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