Monday, July 5, 2010

Retro Review : Devil May Cry

Ok the reason I'm reviewing this is because I'm playing Bayonetta (which I plan to review even though it got released earlier in the year) and I have to admit that it already seems like the game this should have been. Well seeing as though this inspired Bayonetta, I thought I'd review it. Here's my retro review of one of the first spectacle fighters, Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry as I said is a "Spectacle Fighter". What is a spectacle fighter you ask? Well it's a term Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation is trying to get used to describe games where you're rewarded for stylish combat and raking up high combos. Bayonetta, God Hand, Madworld and Viewtiful Joe are all games that fall under this sub genre Yahtzee created and Devil May Cry was the first. Devil May Cry's story was pretty much Dante goes to a castle and fight random monsters to help a woman named Trish who looks like his mum and defeat Mundus. The story wasn't exactly coherent but it wasn't bad, but the game was more about the combat.
The combat was AWESOME! It focused on speed, accuracy and combos... really high combos. In the game you can juggle enemies with the melee weapons and guns for some really stylish and fun attacks. The game was mission based and the boss battles are epic and awesome. A lot of the bosses were large in size which made killing them extremely satisfying and the secret missions had some good challenges. As you battle you pick up red orbs which can be exchanged for powering up weapons, buying items and learning techniques. Devil May Cry is a relatively short game but you can replay it over and over again to max out your stuff and find what you missed.

Devil May Cry is a good game. It's fun and will keep you occupied for a fair while. I really like the game and I occasionally play it when I get the urge for mindless stylish combat and at least it's good mindless combat. Getting your hands on the game now is really hard but if you can it's worth it.

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