Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Review : Bayonetta

Well this is a game that's both easy and hard to review, mainly because of the story. I could just cop out and say it like Devil May Cry but with more finesse but I'm better then that. I also know it got released earlier this year but I'm now gonna review games that got released in the year instead of just what came out. This is because I miss out on games due to other financial obligations and some games I wait until the price drops before buying them. I bought this for AU$24 only because I saw it at that price and I haven't had the spare cash until now to by it. Anyway enough about that crap! Now on to the review of Bayonetta!

Bayonetta has a really complex story... complex in the sense that it's hard to understand. Bayonetta was found at the bottom of a lake 20 years ago and has lost her memories. She is now helping demons of Inferno by killing angel of Paradiso to help herself recover her memories while searching for the "Right eye of the world". There's a lot more but I don't like spoiling games. The story gets confusing as it goes along but you'll have a fun time doing it... and you'll probably get aroused if you're under 18 but some people older than that may get aroused too.
As mentioned the game is like Devil May Cry but there's more to the game then that. The combat does feel a lot like Devil May Cry admittedly but the games combat has more variety. You get punch and kick buttons in the game to make a boat load of combos (which can be practiced in the loading screens), depending on which of the many weapons you have equip at the time and there are a lot of weapons. It has side missions like Devil May Cry as well that have challenges for health and magic upgrades and some of these are really tough, I mean frustratingly tough! The game is chapter based with a small amount of exploring you can do in some of the stages and loads of battles to engage in for most of the stages. The bosses in this game are HUGE! Seriously they are God Of War huge! The game also has Quick Time Events in it that come up without notice and are inconsistent in a couple of places and for your Torture Attack you can do to basic enemies and Climax Attacks you can do to bosses as a finisher. After completing a stage you get a short mini game where you shoot down angels with a limited amount of ammo.You get points depending on the targets you hit and the more you get the better. The points are for items or halos depending on which you prefer. Speaking of halos you get halos out of the enemies you kill. The halos are used to by techniques, items, weapons, accessories and costumes for Bayonetta. The game has a lot of stages so you can get about 8-12 hours in, depending on how explorative you are and if you're not rushing through the game. Also there is a boat load of things to find and unlock including new difficulties to play that will keep you playing for a very long time.

Bayonetta is the perfect game for Devil May Cry fans and is a great game all round... assuming you can get past the sexual references all over the place, but that's also a part of it's charm. I give the game a 4/5 because it's great fun with plenty to unlock in it so it's actually worth playing over and over again. I know I know a lot of people have already bought it but I'm reviewing it nonetheless.

Score 4/5

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