Wednesday, July 7, 2010

1 half of the year down, 1 to go... and it's the reviewer hard half!

Ok as you gamers may know, as soon as September starts games start flooding in because of Christmas and the dreaded Black Friday sale every year. As a reviewer, especially an amateur reviewer this is a hard time of year for us. Why? It's because more then 1 new game can come out in a week and if your a professional it isn't as much of a problem because other people are working on the games you can't but as an amateur review on a limited budget I have the problem of choosing priority games to review and if I try to review more then 2 games in a week I go crazy! As a gamer I love this time of year because last years classics are cheap and the Christmas release period is choc full of choices, but as a reviewer It's overwhelming!

As for this half of the years games, it seems like a lot of games are coming out before Christmas and it's a shooting gallery of shooters with a few different games in the mix. I've still got to make a list of the upcoming games so I can work out which ones I want to buy and review. Oh well, looks like I'll be busy for a long while.

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