Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is 3D really the future?

As you may know I'm not a fan of 3D. Last week I saw Toy Story 3(a must watch movie!) in 3D and I have to admit that unlike the old 3D, I didn't get a headache while watching it and I did like the way the 3D was but here's the thing, in short sessions like a movie it's great but If I were to play a video game in 3D for longer then the length of a movie then I can see the impending headache... possibly.

3D gaming is the wave of the future if Sony gets their way but I can honestly say that for gaming, stereoscopic 3D is not the right choice. Why you may ask? DEPTH! I find stereoscopic 3D not deep enough for 3D gaming. Sure it's good for a movie, you're just sitting there watching whats going on but when you're playing a game you need more depth then it can provide so you can judge things more accurately. Now I'm not sure how much better the Nintendo 3DS' 3D is but considering that people who didn't like the idea have decided they'll embrace the 3DS' 3D, then I'm guessing it gives you the real depth that's needed to play properly. All I know is getting a 3DHDTV now isn't worth it yet and I'm getting a 3DS on release, mainly because I can never say no to Nintendo for the most part.

Now is 3D the future, I have to say yes but at the moment it's still got some kinks to iron out but guaranteed in about 8 years 3D will be done right and worth every penny. I still want an option to turn the 3D off on those TVs even if it's glassesless and is done right.

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