Monday, June 7, 2010

Retro Review : Mega Man X

Ok I have to admit that when it comes to the Mega Man series I'm pro X games. Why, because the Mega Man X games were more story based and more fun for me. I haven't played all the games unfortunately. I've only played X, X4, X5, X7, X8 and X Command Mission so I haven't got the full story of the series and I blame Capcom for not releasing the Mega Man X collection in the PAL region and the fact that I never new about them until a friend let me play on his PC of Mega Man X the SNES version on emulation. Anyway it's time to wind the clock back and review Mega Man X.

Mega Man X is the first of a great series of Mega Man games before the Battle Network series started to drag it down and Capcom forgot about X9 while making a bunch of sub par games and Street Fighter IV. In Mega Man X you Played X, a maverick hunter who fought rouge robots and there master mind Sigma. The game is a platform shooter, like the NES version and well... it's a lot like the that game with better graphics and a different story. Controls are simple enough for anyone to play and the basic formula is choose a Maverick, play through the stage with minimal damage and lives lost and beat the boss and repeat until all 8 have been defeated and then do the final stage against Sigma... which is the same but a way tougher boss then the previous fights. In terms of difficulty. It's pretty hard get through the game but it's not completely unbeatable for novices but will be intimidating.

Wow this was a short review. Well for a game I beat in 3 1/2 hours it's kind of understandable but I feel like I'm short changing you. I wish I could have done a review of the Mega Man X Collection but you know it's the region I live ins fault and I could import it but I'd need a NTSC PS2 or a MOD chipped PS2 but the whole MOD Chipping isn't legal I think. Regardless Mega Man X is a great game and I'd like to get a real copy but I guess I got to wait until Nintendo releases it on Virtual console or the money pit of the above example. Oh I forgot about the PSP version Maverick Hunter X. I did play that and it's great too. Maybe If we're lucky Capcom might release a new Mega Man X compilation on the PS3... and maybe Square-Enix will actually remake Final Fantasy VII and stop saying it'll take forever to do.

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