Saturday, June 12, 2010

E3 2010 and me

As you may know I'm an independent amateur game reviewer. I buy the games I review, sometimes return them if I know I'm never going to play them again. I also like every gamer who is a legitimate gamer and not a casual gamer am really excited for E3. Now as an independent amateur game reviewer I can't actually go to E3 and that makes me sad every year because I would love to talk to a lot of the developers and tell them what they're doing wrong, especially Square-Enix!

Regardless thanks to G4TV's website I can watch the event live over the net at 2am or 3 am until 7 or however long it turns out to be for the major press conferences and I'll be tweeting what I see and posting on my blog the overview of each conference. Whether you choose to read my posts or someone else I don't care because E3 this year will hopefully have more footage of Metroid Other M and some Legend Of Zelda footage!

Well I'm going to tell you everything that goes on at the conferences as they occur on Twitter so if you what to check it out the by all means do. If however you want to watch it live then you should already know where to go. Who knows maybe next year I may finally get hired by a company and get to go myself to E3... yeah right! And maybe Square-Enix will release a remake Final Fantasy VII trailer for PS3 and Xbox, Ha Ha Ha!

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