Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 2010 : Microsoft Press Conference

The conference just ended and all I can say it meh for the most part. Here's everything that was shown and you'll probably be more impressed then me.

It started with games the majority of 360 owners would want. Call of Duty Black Ops had some gameplay shown. If you've played a previous on then it's not much different other then the setting. Halo Reach had gameplay shown and it had the Armor abilities in the normal story campaign mode. Gears of War 3 had gameplay as well with it's 4 player co op and is pretty much the same as the other games in the series with more colours and creatures, plus a new mode called "Beast". Metal Gear Rising was shown and it's a sword action game with bullet time and to be honest I'm not to impressed by it. Fable 3 was dated for October 26 and I'm sure fans will dive on it like me on a JRPG with turn based combat. A trailer for a game called Codename Kingdoms was also shown with no gameplay and that's it.
You can have your Xbox Live on a Windows mobile phone if anyone cares.
The the Project Natal games were shown off. It's called Kinect now so there is a real name for it. Kinect now can turn the Xbox dashboard into a Wii menu with voice control. Kinect allows you to use a video chat system with other Kinect users and Windows Live so that is a kinda cool thing, but still not very exciting to me. ESPN has now got a service on Xbox 360 that can use Kinect and is free so you can watch all the college and pro game you'd watch on you cable service. They unveiled the Kinect versions of the Eye Pet called Kinectimals, a Kinect version of Wii Sports called Kinect Sports, a Kinect version of Mario Kart callect Kinect Joy Ride, a Kinect version of Wii Fit called Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, a Kinect version of Dance Dance Revolution called Dance Central, a Kinect party game called Kinect Adventures. The Kinect comes out at Christmas and it's just a wannabe, seriously not 1 of these games will interest a real gamer but will keep the family busy if you don't own a Wii and chances are that you do own one. There was a game that was a real racing game for Kinect but it's name wasn't visable enough for me to read on screen and a Star Wars game which seems like it's based between the last crap Star Wars movies and the first good one so episode 3.5? Either way Kinect is just a gimickie peripheral that doesn't seem worth the money.
The Finale of the conference did however make me ecstatic. They showed off the new smaller Xbox 360! It's 2/3 the size of the old model and is quieter, had WiFi, Kinect ready and has a 250GB HDD! it looks awesome! I wish I had a picture for you but I didn't do a print screen for it so you'll have to wait until another day for it.

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