Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 2010 : EA Press Conference

The EA Press Conference has come and gone but it's at least got some games there worth being antsy about.

It started with a more online focused Need for Speed Hot Pursuit which admittedly seemed like it may have been good. I'm guessing that anyone who played the previous one would be happy about that. I honestly am not interested. Next we got to see Dead Space 2 and it looked pretty awesome. The new locations in the game looked really good and combat hasn't changed so if your liked the first one then you'll feel at home once again. They showed off their Medal Of Honor games multiplayer and the game looks like Call of Duty Modern Warfare. I was disappointed by this years E3 conference so far with it's continual sequels and plagiarism. EA also announced a new rewards system like Ubisoft's U-Play mixed with Halo Waypoint called Gun Club, nothing too special in my opinion but you can pretty much do and get stuff like the U-Play and Halo Waypoint so big whoop. A Bad Company 2 DLC was announced called based in Vietnam which disappointed me because a lot of war games seem to wallow in those stupid old war times, I get that they happened but you can only relive the so often before they get frustratingly boring!!!! EA Sports MMA was announced and it's the next yearly release game series of sports by the look of it. It has everything you'd expect from an EA sports game and a live broadcast system where you can make a promotion video, upload it and get scheduled for online match that get real commentators giving the play by play. Admittedly that's a good idea but I think it's just going to be as bad as every other EA SPORTS game. Another Madden... UGH! Stop making these games! They're the same game every year!!! Sims 3 for home consoles ARGH!!!! Crysis 2 looked pretty cool. I wished they'd release the original on the home consoles because it's stupid to release the sequel with the original, especially if it's a proper sequel and not like the Final Fantasy series. They showed off Bulletstorm and OH MY GOD it looked AWESOME! A FPS that reward you for violent kills to get new stuff for even more violent kills, enough said! Also a new trailer for Star Wars Old Republic. I'm not interested in it but it now will give every player a ship as a home base.

Well that's what happened and for their conference so again like the Microsoft conference not very special but hey, at least it had some cool games.

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