Friday, July 30, 2010

Rant 26 : Final Fantasy XI and Square-Enix

Why am I ranting about this game? A variety of reasons that have been building up inside for a while but I've held back because it's Final Fantasy but since Square-Enix has been kicking me and every other fan in the teeth while asking for our money I've finally decided to lash out on the first Final Fantasy that pissed me off.

I'll start with the updates. The updates in Final Fantasy XI take forever! My last 360 version update took 2 hours 56 minutes! That is too long for an update, especially since they want people to play the game and some people can only spare a few hours in a day and to have them wasted seeing the game update screen and having to log off after it's done.
Next is the lack of Gil you can earn. How can you earn enough Gil for everything you need when nothing sells for a high enough price at the NPCs and hardly any of the items you can find are worth any money at the auction house. What's worse is the fact that every time any items are worth enough money to be worth hunting for in large amounts, they end up changing it's value to make it worthless! It really pisses me off because nobody wants to party with someone with crap equipment and hardly any spells and you need money for both.
The lack of people wanting to help is another thing that pisses me off. 90% of the items you need requires you to party up with other players and if you can't get a party, your left in the lurch. Also if you do get a party they only want you to help them in there current objective and never want to help in yours, even when you've finished helping them. This is more people being d*cks then Square-Enix's fault but they should have allowed the 90% of items obtainable on your own instead of relying on the unreliable.
Next is the inability to solo level higher then Level 30. Now this pisses me off because it's the money thing again! I hate that because you need to get up to certain levels to train in other areas and even with the Level Sync ability nobody wants to team up with someone who is literally under skilled.

All of my complaints and the others I haven't mentioned revolve around 3 main things. Money is too hard to get and if you buy money you get banned, All the good items require help to get and nobody seems to be helpful and Square-Enix seems to keep stopping people from actually having fun with the stuff your suppose to like leveling and maxing you characters in every asset. Why has Square-Enix done this? When I started 2 years ago, for months I was having loads of fun and then the first update got released and made the main source of my income worthless which stopped me from buying the equipment and the spells I need to earned larger amounts of money and better spells and items. Square-Enix has been destroying they're once great MMORPG and it's probably to make Final Fantasy XIV better by comparison. Square-Enix needs a good debt to teach them a lesson for screwing with it's fans! I used to respect and love Square-Enix but they kept doing this stuff to everything they do. If Square-Enix goes out of business I know I won't miss the company but I will miss the IPs they make. If we're lucky we'll see them hit hard times and have to actually stop making all these stupid mistakes and make games good again and repair all the problems they made to Final Fantasy XI. Even I'm going to stop buying new stuff from them that isn't Kingdom Hearts. This is mainly because Disney is there to stop them screwing it up!

I hope Square-Enix does get it's act together because they will go bankrupt if they aren't too careful. Until then they are on a fast train to liquidation.

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