Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guess what my current favourite online shooter is?

Well I've played a lot of online shooters over the years. Halo will always sit at the top mainly because there is always someone to play and it's more fun then competitive to me. Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare was cool, but just plain sucked for me since everyone who plays it seems to have telescopic vision and only use sniper rifles and claymores with martyrdom as their main ability. Gears Of War was only fun with it's horde mode which was easy to do if you knew how to use the shields properly, but all the other modes were no fun. Resident Evil 5 just plain sucked online, plain and simple! Borderlands is just co op fun. Resistance was meh online. Uncharted 2 was fun in every mode when lag didn't screw me over. Metal Gear Online was fun but got boring really fast because everything was just too slow. Lost Planet was meh but pretty well done considering. Finally we get to Transformers: War for Cybertron, this is my favourite online shooter at the moment for a number of reason.
1) Transformers!
2) Escalation can be fun even though most people don't have headsets.
3) Multiplayer has a number of variations to keep it interesting for a while... until you go back to Escalation or Team Deathmatch.
4) A reasonable amount of skills in each class to mix up the action online... assuming you can level up high enough in each class to access them.
5) Nobody is over skilled like in Halo and Call Of Duty! This is the main reason why I like the game. I hate being new to a game and for every person like me who dabbles in online shooters there's 100 over skilled players who take the fun out of the game and scream into the headsets " I pwned you N00B!" among other quotes that revolve around homophobia, racism and childish derogatory insults.
6) It's fun to play with fans of the series and game instead of competitive jackasses who don't want to have real fun.
7) IT'S FUN!

Why did I choose this as my favorite shooter over all of them? Because games are suppose to be fun and this one is fun and I'd like to see more people play the PS3 version and would love to play against the people at High Moon Studios via the PS3 because I'd love to talk to them about the game and what they love about Transformers. If you want to play me online in the game you know my gamertag for PSN and I play Escalation more then Team Deathmatch but you can send me a message to play another mode. See you online... maybe.

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