Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Review : Dead Rising 2 Case:0

I would have downloaded and reviewed it earlier but I was waiting for the week of release and I was also waiting on Blade Kitten. It's a prequel to the upcoming Dead Rising 2. It's a cheap game to download and exclusive to the Xbox 360 and your level transfers to Dead Rising 2. Here's a review of Dead Rising 2 Case:0.

The story of Dead Rising 2 Case:0 is as I said earlier is based before Dead Rising 2 and is about Chuck and Katey getting stranded in the zombie infested town of Still Creek and Chuck has got to find some zombie suppressant called Zombex and build a bike to escape the town before the military arrives... depending on how you play through the game. The game plays like the original and is easy to play for the most part. The game features a new weapons combining system that allows you to mix certain items together to create a new weapon that earns you more PP(experience). For the most part if you've played Dead Rising you already know the basic formula and if not, play that first! You'll spend most of your time either killing zombies or hunting down survivors and bike parts. Weapons in the game, even the combined weapons have durability and will break but there are plenty to find ranging from guns to swords and even spray paint. Ok this is a short review but it's a short game that runs on a short time limit and will be easy to get through but with multiple endings and the achievements, you'll most likely keep playing long after your first playthrough.

Dead Rising 2 Case:0 is a short but fun game that will keep you occupied until Dead Rising 2 get's released Thursday and for only 400 MS points, it's worth more then you pay for it. I enjoyed it a lot myself and I had fun killing the zombies with lawn darts. I give it a 5/5 because it's short and awesome. I recommend anyone buying Dead Rising 2 on Xbox 360 should buy this game and you can transfer you Level 5 Chuck to Dead Rising 2 for an edge at the start of the game.

Score 5/5

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