Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review : Shank

I would have loved to have gotten this review done earlier, but unfortunately I don't live with another gamer to play local multiplayer and my roommate doesn't like to help with anything let alone play a game for a few hours. Well better late then never, here's my late review of Shank.

Shank is a game that has a Quintin Tarintino/Robert Rodriguez Grindhouse style to it. The story has 2 parts. The main story is the single player campaign and you play as Shank seeking revenge against his former boss for kidnapping his girlfriend and trying to kill him. The 2 player co op campaign is a prequel to the single player where you play as Shank and Falcone following Cesar's orders.
The game is a violent 2D side scrolling action platformer. The controls are well placed and work well with both the combat and the platforming. The game has a variety of heavy weapons and guns to collect as you play through the single player and can be easily swapped for a different one with the press of the D pad. Combat is similar to most side scroller beat 'em ups and the combos that can be chain are pretty easily to do and blending the quick weapon, heavy weapon and gun fire in various ways make it hard to get bored with combat. You can also grapple enemies and pounce on them with the press of a button and these are essential for making combat easier along with the guard and dodge abilities. The bosses in the game are pretty tough but have easy patterns to learn... but are still tough to beat. 2 player co op has special moves the 2 players can do together and it's fun to juggle enemies and do the special co op grapples. There are also a variety of costumes to unlock through various tasks.

The game is short for both the co op and single player campaign but it's awesome fun and violent. It's a bit pricey at $AU20 or 1200 Microsoft but it's a good game and will keep you occupied until the next big release comes out. I give it a 4/5 because it's fun and has a good story for a short game, but after you finish it you may not want to play it again anytime soon so be prepared to only play it rarely.

Score 4/5

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