Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review : Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Best Kingdom Hearts game EVER! 5/5 Ok I'm done.... Nah I'm going to review this properly unlike Good Game on ABC who reviewed the game after playing as 1 character. I just finished the Final Episode in the game and now I'm ready to review this game which is the best game I've played this year and reminds me Square-Enix still has an IP they haven't killed. Well since you read the first sentence it's up to you if you want to keep reading but here's my review of KH: BBS.

The story of KH: BBS is a prequel based 10 years prior to Kingdom Hearts and is split into 3 main parts and a final episode which can be unlocked. The story focuses around 3 friends Aqua, Terra and Ventus who are training to become Keyblade masters. After the exam for Terra and Aqua the 3 friends set out on a journey with different things driving them and their stories intertwine with one another and are happening at the same time. I'm not going to go into details because this game is too good to spoil, SO DON'T ASK!!! Each characters story can be finished in about 10 hours and there is plenty in the game to make you extend your play time.
The game is an action RPG and the controls are perfectly designed for the game style and the PSP. Unlike the other version the controls are now designed with a designated attack, guard and jump buttons and all special attacks and magic are part of a menu that are scrolled through with the D-Pad and activated with the triangle. Camera controls are still a pain like the other games but we're all used to that by now and if your new to it, it will be a big pain at first and you need to press both buttons for lock on unless you change the controls. Unlike the other version spells and skill are bought or obtained through various tasks and treasure chests. The skills can also be fused like Crisis Core:Final Fantasy VII and you can add items to the fusion between skills to learn abilities that can increase stats and other various abilities to help in combat. The game also features a new D-Link system where you can use other characters abilities and it helps vary combat so you don't get bored... if you can get bored from combat and Shotlock commands that are a pain to execute but deal lots of damage and make bosses so much easier. The game like the main console versions uses the same style of map as Super Mario Bros. 3 which makes life easier then the first games Gummi Ship shooting mini game between stages.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep improves on the previous games while still dragging around the bad camera of it's predecessors. It's fun, has a great set of stories and is a reason to dust of your PSP and since it's a prequel, newcomers can jump into this and have almost no problems getting into it. I give it a 5/5 because it does everything right and like every other Kingdom Hearts game, it's one of the best experiences you could ever have in your gaming life and missing out on the KH series is one regrettable decision. Also every Kingdom Hearts game is good for kids so by you kids these games! DO IT! I think anyone who owns a PSPGO and wants this game are going to be furious, but I'm sure it will be available soon enough.... but you should have just got the normal PSP.

Score 5/5

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