Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review : LittleBigPlanet 2

Man I can't believe they made a second one of these, also I can't believe the dimwits at Gamestop/EB Games are accepting the first one as trade in, suckers! I can tell you right now that I loved the first one and guess what? Loved the second one too! Ok on to the review!

The story of this one has an evil being destroying and taking over Craftworld called the Negativatron and it's up to your little sack person to help Larry Da Vinci and the Alliance stop the evil Negativatron before it's too late. Along the way you'll run into all sorts of strange things from characters, to stuff you ride and enemies. All the way being tutored on how to do it.

Yes the game is extremely kid friendly from the controls to the general difficulty of the game but don't let that deter you. Gameplay is exactly like the first one but you can now get 3 new tools in stages. There's a grappling hook which lets you swing off stuff and pull some things to you, a pair of gloves called a grabinator that lets you lift objects and the creatinator which shoot out whatever is configured to shoot from it, even stuff that shoots. On top of the basic 2.5D side scrolling stages there are various stages that take on forms similar to old games and once the community gets active who knows what. You can also bring your stuff from LBP into the game and feel like a chooch for downloading all the expansion packs from the first game since most of the stuff has come back.

Like the first LBP the creation tools are vast and now there are a host of new tools. I HIGHLY recommend going over the tutorials to understand how all the new stuff works, it's overwhelming trying to work it out yourself. The one tool a whole lot of people are going to use is the controllinator which lets you make an item you ride in and and can do whatever you program it to do. Bouncing pads have also been added and this could also add to the communities creativity and programmable sackbots which can do pretty much what sackboy can do. The stages you can make with all the tools is almost limitless. But if your not very creative or just can't use the tools too well you can play one of over 3 million levels created in the original and many more to come as time goes by, just wait a while and there will be thousands of games made using the level editor.

I should mention you can use the PlayStation Move controller for it but I honestly don't have a clue how it plays since I don't personally own a set(But if Sony wants to give me a free set I wouldn't complain, hint, hint) and you can play online with 4 other people but be prepared for some problems like the eternal loading screen or just plain lags. You can also make a level with up to 4 people online as well but I honestly don't know how people would be able to do it and why they would.

If you loved LittleBigPlanet then this is pretty much the same with a bag of awesome mixed in and still has room to grow and flourish. Sure the story mode is short and spends most of it's time teaching you how stuff works but that's the point, it's teaching you the basics to help you make and play on future stages. The game is definitely a must buy for all regardless of age. The only limits to the game are your own personal preferences and creativity. If you've never played a previous LBP game you will not feel left out. I give it a perfect score because the game is so near perfection itself. When LittleBigPlanet 3 gets made, maybe it will hit perfection itself, especially with the help of a healthy and creative online community.

Score 5/5

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