Thursday, February 3, 2011

All Australians should shop at Gametraders

Ok I am not a big advocate for tell people what to buy and, ha ha ha I'm just kidding. I'm a reviewer and I am suppose to tell you what to buy. Ok this is for anyone in Australia reading my blog (and if you do spread the word) and respect my opinions. We have a few major game retailers and the main specialty store we have to shop at are Game(owned by the UK) and EB Games(USA owned) but there is another one we need to shop at from now on. It's called Gametraders. Gametraders is Australian owned and run. It has games from every console ever released in Australia and even sells games that may never be seen on the shelves of Game or EB Games like Argest and Hyperdimension Neptunia(future release) and a whole bunch or rare games come through there all the time. Gametraders is a true video game store for gamers. Sure I do support going to Game and EB Games for those exclusive editions but for those games that have no exclusive items, you should shop at Gametraders.

Gametraders has tons of games from yester year, anime, new video games, gaming figures, the occasional import game and other game related stuff. There are a fair few stores in Australia and if you have the money maybe you can buy a franchise for your area. I plan to if I ever get the money for it. Go check out your closest one. Even Yahtzee has shopped at Gametraders. No they are no paying me to promote them, I just really like them and hate EB Games, Game I'm indifferent to.

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