Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bad stuff that has happened and other stuff

Ok I'm sure people watch the news and have seen what happened in Japan. That was a very sh*tty what happened. To survive an earthquake just to get wiped out by a tsunami. I can believe how bad it was, now they have power plants ready to do damage and refineries are going up in flames... f*ck me it's terrible. I swear if anyone from Queensland's' flood and cyclone affected areas scream "what about me?" I'll tell them to pull their head in. If you donate to charities and have some money left after the Queensland's sh*t storm send some money to Japan if you can.

Ok what's next to talk about *shuffles papers* ah yes, Mortal Kombat denied a rating under the current classification system in Australia. Well this piddled on my chip. All hope isn't lost because I'm sure we'll see it soon enough in Australia but I'm worried about my import site I import though not selling it to Australia. Now how am I suppose to get it? Now considering the decision I have to agree with it. Have you seen the game in action? There is NO WAY they can release it under our rating system. I can see a lot of people trying to import it but I have an idea Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment can do, try again in July after the SCAG meeting and if they agree on an R18+ rating then try again and release it in August with all current DLC available at the time with it for free as a download code. Don't butcher it for an MA15+ PLEASE don't butcher it!

March Mayhem Developer's Showdown 2011 has started on The Escapist so if your a member go support your favourite developers and vote for your favourites. You may win a laptop PC. Just vote if you support developers pretty much. I did and hope they appreciate me doing so.

I own a guitar now so now I'm a hipster douche... nah just kidding, though I do own a guitar now. It's nice to relax while playing an instrument, I highly recommend getting an instrument and even if you're not learning anything more then your favourite songs on your instrument of choice it's still fun and relaxing. Guitar Hero and Rock Band don't count as playing instruments for fun.

Blade Kitten still isn't getting the respect it deserves, if you even care and Atari hasn't released the 2nd episode and it's finished so why the heck not?

Umm... what else? Hmm... oh yeah 3DS isn't worth buying on release so save your pennies and get it when Zelda and Kid Icarus get released. If on the other hand you don't own a DS and want say Pokemon Black or White, then go buy it since then it's worth it but remember it's region locked. As for the NGP, I'm sold on it but I fear the price and how long it will take for worth while games to be released on it.

I think that's about it. The only other thing to talk about is The Game Overthinker is almost at it's 50th episode so go and reacquaint yourself with the previous episodes and I'll hopefully be reviewing a game by then end of the month. Until they see you later... ahem type to you later.

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